Why J.B. Peel Small Batch Roasted Coffee?

Is bigger really better?

With the incredible amount of coffee purveyors and roasters on the Internet, it must pose a problem for you, the customer. Since every company states they have the best, freshest coffee, who really does? The true answer is that no company has the best coffee. Coffee is a subjective matter, like wine, and individual tastes rule.

Of course, only a small experienced roasting company can supply you with quality coffee directly from their roaster. It is an undeniable fact that all large roasting companies roast coffee 1-3 months in advance of it being sold. Because of the huge amount of product big coffee roasters sell, they simply cannot roast to order as we do. They package utilizing valve bag technology, (which preserves coffee by evacuating oxygen) but wouldn't you rather have coffee directly out of the roaster? Typically, coffee that is shipped from our roastery, is a few hours to 2 days old.

Then, we roast only the highest quality green Arabica coffee available. We roast genuine Guatemala Antiquas, not Antiqua-types. Our dark roasts are top Colombian Supremo, not inferior Panamas or Peru's, and all our flavored coffees are prepared with Colombian Supremos as well. Our decaffeinated coffees are pure, clean 100% Swiss Water Process.

With all of this in mind, you should be able to make a reasonable decision on your coffee purchase. Experience, Quality, Freshness. The three parts of the equation that will make your cup of coffee a most rewarding experience.

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